28 January 2009

(almost) pipián sauce with bream

sauce recipe (his includes sunflower or pumpkin seeds) by
Karadekoolaid in Venezuela, BBC food messageboard


a handful of tomatoes
one large shallot
one green fresh chilli
lemon juice


parboiled maris piper potatoes, tossed in e.v. oo
fish fillet (bream, sea bass etc)

  • grill tomatoes, a shallot & a green chilli
  • fillet your fish (bream here)
  • cool & blitz your sauce ingredients
  • add chopped coriander, plenty of lemon juice, a crushed garlic clove & salt
  • fry your fish fillets
lay fish over e.v. olive oil potatoes, baked for 45 minutes

surround with your warmed


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