25 January 2009

boatmans style fish curry


paste (makes 1 pint)
1 tblsp dried chillies, soak for 10 mins in hot water 1 tsp cayenne 1 tblsp paprika 2 tblsp ground coriander 1 tsp turmeric 2 tblsp grated coconut


1 teasp tamarind concentrate, soak for 15 mins in hot water
2 green chillies, sliced in 2

1 tblsp ginger 1 pureed onion 1 clove garlic
tin of tomatoes, blitzed

1 tsp salt
lemon juice and coriander

  • blend the paste ingredients thoroughly with 100mil water
  • saute blend in ghee or groundnut oil for 2 minutes
  • add 100mil water to create a loose purée
  • add the tomato & cook down for 20 mins

pan fry your fish
and serve with your boatman curry sauce & a simple saag aloo

and home-made naan bread


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