30 January 2009

Cured Irish beef

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delicious as a cured beef, gruyère & gherkins sandwich

The next day, slice and serve the meat cold, in thin slices with Richard Corrigan's pickled red cabbage

or as a cured beef sandwich with gruyère and gherkins.

Richard Corrigan's pickled red cabbage


Unknown said...

Blimey - that looks absolutely amazing!!!!

Great job - nice pics too :)

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Jon
there's a current thread on the Beeb too, Odette is just about to cook hers after 3 weeks

Zeb said...

Hi Gill,

Just wondering what makes this dish Irish? We used to get salt beef as a treat when I was a kid, there was a great shop that did it hot in a bun with gherkins near Piccadily Circus, but I don't remember it being Irish. I would love to have a go at it, where did you find the saltpetre? Is it part of an artist's kit? :) Zeb

Sesselja said...

Hi Gill

This looks great.

Where can I get saltpetre?

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Zeb. Corned beef is probably rooted in the Irish culture, simply cooked.
Jewish salt beef would use brisket and it's own cure recipe.

Hi Sesselja
You have to be careful with saltpetre, source it from a trusted site, the sausagemaking.org company.

There are brining alternatives using different curing methods, but this is the recipe I follow.

There's a long long long thread on the Beeb, with people evolving and trying the recipe different ways:


adding bay leaves and cumin or coriander to the cure mix.

Sakkarin said...

Hi Gill, just made this salad, another Rowley recipe from the FT, it is fab, all the ingredients just sit together perfectly. Actually I made some yesterday too..


Gill the Painter said...

Great recipe.
Thanks for that Sakkarin, I'll be trying it.

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