27 January 2009

slow roast pork x 2 ways

1. moister roast pork version

Firstly. Poach pork in cider with chopped onion, all from raw
  • either in a slowcooker low setting for 5 hours, or
  • or bake @ 120 oven setting

wrap joint in 2 layers of foil with glass of wine to create juices, and oven roast for 1hr30 @ 170.

discard that slow cooker cider liquor

Serve with the rich roast/ wine liquor just as it is,
& with that frankfurter green sauce & sautéed potatoes
, or chips

2. simpler basic roast pork version

  • Smear pork with olive oil & mustard - nothing else, no onion in the pot or herbs or anything.

  • Place in (cast-iron) casserole with lid.
  • Cook at 160/170 for 2.5 to 3 hours.

Whilst meat is resting in foil, deglaze sticky juices with a glass or so of dry white wine - your 'jus'.
Carve pork into chunks and

serve with frankfurter green sauce & sautéed potatoes
, or chips.


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