26 January 2009

tortilla española

Marja says ¡como Dios manda!

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  • beat 6 eggs, and season mix
  • peel potato, cut into slivers, rinse and dry

heat Spanish ev olive oil & fry potato on medium till soft (do not colour)

transfer cooked potatoes to egg mix & wipe tortilla pan

heat Spanish ev olive & fry your mix on medium

when setting, shake free from pan

cover half cooked tortilla with a plate, and FLIP!
with confidence

slide back into the pan & cook on medium for 5 minutes or so

Flip! again.

Spanish potato omelette

for a topping tortilla, jamon y queso, tuna mayo
or with grated cheese:

  • grill a little cheese on your tortilla
  • make a 1 egg omelette lid
cheese topped tortilla


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