9 February 2009

connaught's carrot cake

click here for images, posted by Sunflower, BBC messageboards

* I omitted the sweet stage 7.

My notes:
after the set time, the skewer came out clean, but it seemed too wet.
So I gave it another 15 mins, without the paper cover to firm it up. It was probably my choice to use paper for protecting the top that affected the recipe timing anyway.

It was very springy coming out of the tin, although I was sure it was cooked well inside. No worries, as it cooled it firmed up to the proper cake texture.

Very moist, & rather lighter than I thought it would be.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic recipe tried this as large muffins, made 12 cooked for 25mins in fan oven. Did not do stage 7 sticky bit.

So light and moist better than my old recipe I used to use.

Will try doing a cream cheese & icing sugar topping next time.

Gill the Painter said...

Good morning to you.

I'm so pleased it tweaked well for you.
And thank you for reporting back.

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