7 February 2009

corbullón de mero

Venezuelan dish, made mention by Karadekoolaid, BBC messageboards, I thought I'd give it a whirl

It's delicious!

red peppers, I used 1 romano and chopped fresno.

shallot, garlic, thyme
& big bay from my garden,
tomatoes sliced,
white wine (red wine is used in Venezuela)

& sherry
lemon juice

olives, optional

& cooked potatoes, optional

& grouper - but sea bream was the catch of the day here

  • clean and fillet your fish
  • & marinade in lemon juice, s & p, for 2 hours
  • blacken the romano pepper over a gas flame, soften and peal when cooled

  • in one pan, fry tomatoes, peppers, garlic, thyme & bay for 10 minutes in ev olive oil
  • in another pan, sauté shallots gently, then cook the fish
  • add potatoes if using, and combine both pan ingredients
  • pour in white wine, sherry & allow to cook for 10 minutes


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