5 February 2009

creamed braised leeks

I braised to avoid that squeaky metallic texture leeks can have -
these are creamy & infused, without the need for flour too

3 leeks, washed & chopped
glass wine
1 heaped teasp dijon
fraîche (or double cream)
knob of butter
salt & pepper

  • poach the leeks for 3 mins in 200 mil water and wine
  • remove leeks to a baking dish lined with foil
  • add dijon to the liquid and whisk
  • add crème and butter, and reduce sauce
  • pour over leeks, seal your foil
  • & bake at 170 for one hour (or higher for shorter but you run the risk of it browning & being bitter)

serve with simple low oven potatoes

& not veggie macsween haggis stuffed chicken


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