14 February 2009

emperor hirohito chicken

by my dear friend Elisa in Brussels


half a lime
vinho verde (Matteus), has to be vinho verde
poulet de Bresse, I used golden chicken - you don't want an oil slick
50g dried cepes
  • chop a bunch of whites of leek

  • put in heavy casserole with a quarter of a bottle of Matteus vinho verde and let simmer for five minutes
  • take the poulet de Bresse (check for a low-fat one or remove the fat)
  • gently loosen the skin on the breasts and thighs with your fingers
  • stuff the dried hard cèpes underneath, be careful not to tear the skin
  • put half a lime in the cavity + more dried cèpes and rub some salt &
  • pepper inside and out.
  • then into the simmering wine.
  • add the rest of the bottle and let simmer for 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs. I put it in the oven - the chicken has to nearly fall apart.
serve with aromatic sauce, leave it liquid with the leeks and the taste of the ceps & wild rice or sauteed carrot ribbons
I added 1 dessert spoon of crème fra
îche too here


Unknown said...

That looks just great with the carrot ribbons Gill, although I do like the nutty flavour of the wild rice with it. Cheers for the mention, I'm most honoured to be on your excellent blog. I think I'll be making it again in the coming days. I'll have a lookout for a poulet de Bresse. Elisa

Gill the Painter said...

thanks Elisa

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