4 February 2009

game pie

This is well worth the effort - a crowd/ family pleaser!
I'm not a fan of gel, & chose not to use it. So the pie was eaten within 3 days of my making.

ingredients for a 18cm diameter X 9cm deep, loose bottomed tin, 2 litre capacity

for the filling - choose your own & be generous
pheasant, grouse, venison fillet, sliced cooked ham

fresh mushrooms

shallots &
dried reconstituted ceps, sautéed & puréed
ceps reserved liquor
& goose liver, sautéed & puréed


  • sauté the game meats individually till rare.
  • & then the fresh mushrooms & very lightly sauté the liver if using.
  • cool, slice, and mix gently

the stock
  • gently simmer all the game bones with bay peppercorns & a shallot
  • sieve well
  • add ceps liquor, madeira and reduce to a rich half a pint of stock. It should be jellified & set when cool.
for the pastry
based on the hot water & milk crust
Be-ro pastry link - I saw a tip to use half milk

700g plain flour

3 teasp salt

180g lard

300 ml milk/ water

  • Melt lard, milk & water, & bring to boil.
  • Using processor, pour directly into flour and salt mix and blend
or bring together by hand working quickly
  • knead until smooth and relax dough for half an hour
  • reserve 1/4 pastry for the lid.
  • roll out remainder to fit your 7 inch tin, inclusive of a half inch raised lip
  • pack in your generous filling, with one inch to spare
  • top with lid pastry & decorate
  • pierce with a 3/4 cm steam hole
  • egg wash

baking the pie

  • bake on high @220 for half an hour, protecting top with greaseproof paper
  • reduce to 180 for an hour
  • then remove tin sides, egg wash sides of the pie, and open bake till rich brown, for 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Leave till warm and relaxed, & start to pour in your warmed stock through the steam hole, slowly and regularly.
  • As it settles, top up with more stock.
  • Cool game pie completely and refridgerate overnight to set.

Bring to room temperature before cutting & serve with beautiful pickled red cabbage


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