28 February 2009

home-made pasta for ravioli

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ingredients for 2 generous batches
10oz semolina flour - durum flour - '00' flour, try gran mugnaio if you see it
3 whole eggs

special kit = pastry scrapers, pasta machine

  • make a mound with your salted flour
  • press a whole egg in the top and break your eggs into the hole
  • work the mass together
this particular own brand, Waitrose semolina flour was very dry - I don't like to add water to pasta so mixed in some olive oil to dampen it, plus an egg

  • carry on kneading the dough together for at least 10 mins, use a timer. the texture should be dry but it transforms to satin
  • leave to rest, covered, for 30 mins at room temperature
see here for how to freeze pasta, for convenience & how to rework it,
it does still work very well indeed
  • flatten your other half pasta ball, set your pasta machine to it's highest cog, and roll through, fold over, and roll through a second time
  • manipulate the cog down one
  • fold your pasta, process it through the lower setting, fold again & process again
  • it gets quite long and stretchy to manipulate as your go on
  • take the sheet down to the second to last notch, on an Imperia machine - not too fragile

for ravioli - a half ball of above ingredient amounts is used here
  • cut the sheet into 2 matching lengths
  • we're using a tray here, flour it very, very well indeed - don't be shy
  • lay one sheet loosely over the ravioli tray

  • and fill your individual rav slots evenly, keep the surface flat and level for the pasta top
  • brush each rav square edge with a little water (egg white won't seal)
  • lay top sheet of pasta & roll it firmly left to right into place with a rolling pin, this will remove air pockets
  • turn out your ravs & flick off the flour residue with a pastry brush
  • cook your pasta in plenty of salted water at a gentle rolling boil for approx 8 - 10 mins

serve with your chosen sauce to accompany your chosen filling

see also lobster ravioli & bisque sauce


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