6 February 2009

jumbo scotch eggs

I prefer to use pork mince and my own herbs to taste, rather than sausage meat
& it stops that tendency for shrinkage

pork, minced, flavoured with sage thyme & chives (your choice)
eggs, boiled for 11 minutes
flour, stiff whipped egg white & breadcrumbs for coating
egg yolk, used for mayonnaise

  • squeeze mince pork between your fingers, and flatten into burger rounds
  • shape sausage meat to seal the egg well
  • chill for half an hour

  • flour, egg white and breadcrumb egg balls
  • fry jumbo scotch eggs on 160 till golden, rolling carefully in the oil

this takes about 10 minutes

remove and cool on a wire rack


The Wandering Pit said...

Hi Gill the painter! Thought you said you only had about 15 recipes on here! I think I started my blog before you and only have 9 posts of which only 3 are recipes!!!Will have to give these a go!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi there Tracey.
I've got a lot of cooking to post yet.
Loads more if I could put all the copyrighted food on here!

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