11 February 2009

lemon & fennel salmon

I'm a big fan of some Waitrose recipes, after all, Rowley Leigh writes for them
so long as they don't say "open a jar of Barts..."

Inspired when my husband asked if I could make the dish on the 10 foot poster featured at the Waitrose fish counter

Here's what I came up with....................
fresh salmon fillet (organic), a whole salmon would be great as a roast
potatoes, new ones, or sliced maris piper, par-boiled till nearly done
1 heaped teasp fennel seed
I or 2 quartered lemons
1 glass wine - I used water last night it made no difference
s & p

leave the skin on, & scale your salmon fillet if needed.
soften your potatoes,
lay salmon on top of potatoes and lemon pieces
mix fennel, wine or water, cream, dill, s & p and the juice of half a lemon
pour over the dish
dribble salmons with ev olive oil
cover with foil & bake for 40 mins at 180, till golden

For added luxe, pour more cream in the dish and shake.


Anonymous said...

Waitrose sells smoked salmon bits for making smoked salmon pate. It is the only place I've bought them and found no waste whatsoever. All other sources included hard and inedible pieces.
Gill, have so enjoyed reading your blog and recipes.

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Gerry
How kind. I'm about to put a couple of painting things on here too, but you're persactly right about that Waitrose salmon.

I always buy the bits for pasta dishes.

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