28 February 2009

lobster ravioli with a bisque sauce

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use any combinations you feel you want really. I used:

the filling

contents of one small lobster - this yielded 120g
1 lemon, zest & juice
parsley, fennel herb, chives
optional 1 whisked egg white to lighten it

  • chop the above ingredients maintaining texture
  • fold through your egg white whip if using

the bisque sauce
lobster shell, or prawn shells and heads
brandy & white wine
quarter onion or half shallot
teaspoon tomato paste
1 fresh tomato
parsley, fennel herb & chives

  • roast your lobster shell to become brittle & intense
  • cook the shell & the bisque ingredients to make a stock for 20 to 30 mins
  • cool & blitz all the ingredients, inclusive of shell, to a purée, if your processor can take it!
  • sieve vigorously through a muslin to avoid shell powder
  • to produce your lobster bisque base
  • reduce the sauce by half, & add a little double cream


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