21 February 2009

malsouka wraps

click image for detailed pictures of the process

I'd been trying to find 'briks', terrific semolina eastern wraps, in the Cotswolds but getting no joy.
easy enough in London & France, but they are nowhere to be found here.
So, I decides to make my own - great fun! have a go.

malsouka, aka malsouqa, briks, warka,
the recipe I followed was from Aicha here:
250 g de semoule très fine de blé dur 1 grosse pincée de sel, de l'eau
Fait une pâte avec la semoule (simple sans levure), le sel et juste ce qu'il faut d'eau pour qu'elle soit homogène et ferme. Laisse reposer 1 heure

250g fine semolina,

salt, water,

a little oil for the pan

sieve flour & salt, and create your mix by adding water, little by little for that elastic texture. Leave batter to rest for an hour

  • and now you are going to paint the briks, slim flexible batter wraps, onto a non-stick pan heated over a pot of boiling water. I used my old Ken Hom wok
  • brush a thin layer of flavourless oil round your pan
  • be bold, brush over your batter - thicker rather than thinner strokes
  • stand back & wait for the edges to curl, about 1minute, to show your wrap is cooked
  • lift off your malsouka and place on a paper towel
  • paint your next one continuing until you have sufficient
note: next time I'll paint them square shaped, they must be easier to fold shaped like a diamond

the spring roll wraps/ samosas

  • place your chosen filling at the bottom end of your wrap towards you, leaving half an inch
  • fold over the bottom edging
  • fold over the left and sides edges
  • & roll into a cigar spring roll shape
  • no need to oil your wraps, just place them in the oven on a non-stick baking sheet for 20-25 mins, turning for even brownness
the filling
for indian style chicken & peas
samosas/ rolls

finely chopped raw chicken, garlic, half onion, sautéed
dried ginger, cumin, coriander, fresh chilli, mango powder, half teaspoon indian curry paste
cubed cooked potatoes & frozen peas added towards the end


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