13 May 2009

Indian naan breads

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recipe from mamta's kitchen, * denotes Dan Lepard advice

& the above image are dough shaped & cooked from frozen, in the wok


600g strong white flour
*225 mil boiled milk, cooled to tepid
225 mil tepid water
1 sachet 7g dried yeast
3 tablespoons live plain yoghurt - see how to make yoghurt
1 tablsp melted ghee (or sub groundnut oil)
1 tsp fine sea salt

  • activate yeast by stirring into the tepid milk and water, add 2 heaped tablesp of your flour
  • rest for 15 mins till frothy
  • sieve remaining flour and salt in a mixing bowl, add live yoghurt and the melted ghee
  • using a palette knife, cut in your liquid froth, adding bit by bit, bringing the mix together to a dough
  • knead until incorporated well
  • rest, covered with a damp cloth, till double in size for a least 2 or 3 hours
  • knock back your risen dough, knead briefly & rest for approx 1hr30 till doubled in size again
  • knead once again and cut your dough into 8 - 10 dough balls
freeze at this stage for later use, if required
  • set oven/grill to maximum heat, inclusive of flat baking tray
  • roll out to your naan balls to shape
  • bake for 3 minutes either side

*alternatively, I griddled the above naans from frozen dough balls, preparing and cooking in accordance with Dan Lepard's suggestion, in the wok

  • defrost your naan balls leaving them intact
  • flour very well and roll out to your naan shape
  • brush with ghee or groundnut oil
  • cook on high in your wok, turning for even cooking

these were a lighter alternative, catching nicely too


Kavey said...

These look FANTASTIC!

Gill the Painter said...

Thank you Kavey.
You're mum's lovely recipe is idiot proof!

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