12 February 2009

pancetta wrapped chicken breast

use any leftovers for a chicken BLT in the morning

of all ham wraps to use, I find stretched pancetta the tastiest

this dish was made with a mustard & stock sauce & green long beans, steamed
chicken, pancetta
chicken stock (I used mushroom stock here)
1 tablesp dijon mustard
puréed shallot (you can leave this out)
chopped rosemary

  • stretch pancetta and loosely wrap chicken breasts
  • bake for 45 minutes, turning for that crisp bacon
  • saute gently the shallot - I didn't use it here
  • add stock & dijon - be generous - & whisk
  • sprinkle fresh rosemary in, & reduce to bring your flavours together, 20 minutes or so
  • add cream when chicken is ready
  • take chicken out, and rest for 5 minutes in a warm place
  • deglaze baking dish with mustard sauce

serve with steamed greens


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