10 February 2009

panzanella tuscan salad

I saw Giorgio Locatelli make this years ago, & rushed to scribble it in the back of a Carluccio book like so
Panz, dried bread soaked in water crumbled
red on, toms, cucu, basil, oo, red wine vin, MIX
He's been good enough to give his recipe on line
I think it's better fresher, eaten after one hour or so, & do not soak the bread in water, but toast it as irregular chunky croutons


stale bread toasted as croutons,
red onion,
ev olive oil & red wine vinegar

  • whisk evoo & wine vinegar together, and slather over remaining ingredients, tossing through
  • leave to infuse for at least an hour
serve with fish, grilled meats or anything you like


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