9 February 2009

parmesan potato cakes


maris pipers
parmesan, grated
s & p
tablesp butter

  • boil your potatoes until soft
  • mash with a fork, but don't over do it
  • add s & p, and butter
  • shape into cakes rolling with a palette knife, top and bottom with grated parmesan
  • grill on a non-stick mat or tray for 25 minutes until very golden, turning for evenness


joanna said...

Grilling potato cakes with cheesey tops and bottoms - now that's another genius idea - I have fried them in the past and they tend to go soft and flop or stick -- and with your balsamic lamb, mmm tasty!

Having said that have you ever made latkes? Those are very evil, but can be done in the oven and use less fat, they are lovely too.

Gill the Painter said...

I've not eaten latkes yet, Joanna.
They sound lovely. Nice to see so many things you can do with the potato.

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