15 February 2009


agnes. she has quintessential English looks that are a pleasure to capture

although it's quite tough to get the all those curves on a face - it's not just one sphere, you have the indents at the nose, the eye folds & rounds working back and forth, and in and out.

Don't draw lines when painting, that's fine for drawings, but with oils you are trying to get the paints to do the work for you.
Use squishy blobs of that paint, high notes and colour contrast and you will get the image and movement.

and it's surprising how far back the ear goes. way back on the side of the head
I can't do the measuring thing that painters do in thin air with their thumb or a pencil. So I rely on my own intuition for where things go.

marie-anna. from Caracas

she only sat for an 1hour30. So this sketch is incomplete.
I would have liked to work the entire piece of paper,
but hey. ..............................


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