7 February 2009

simple low oven potatoes

these produce a soft, golden, stickier potato, as opposed to a crisp roaster

s & p
ev olive oil

add rosemary if you wish

blanched for 4 minutes, tossed in ev olive oil and half a crushed garlic, roasted for an hour or so at 170


Unknown said...

Hi Gill: you've been busy on your blog! It looks wonderful, I can get my inspiration here every day. The potatoes made me think of this. I know you liked my Gratin Dauphinois, you can certainly use my recipe for your blog. Any others as well that you might like!

Gill the Painter said...

How kind.
And I shall take you up on that.

Your dauphinois dish (amongst others of yours) was the best I've tasted, so they deserve a posting here.

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