19 February 2009

spanish albóndigas

5 or 6 of years ago, I was sent one of those very thoughtful postcards, with a recipe featuring a local dish: Canary Island albondigas.
Malvasia wine is a strong medium white.
These are more work than the Italian style meatballs, but it's well worth it, I prefer albóndigas, my husband prefers the Italian ones, so I don't get to cook these so often

The almonds make it a very rich plate, bringing the tastes of Spain flooding back to me

  • the Spanish ev olive oil I'm using here is Andalucian Núñez de Prado,
  • and chop those egg whites finer than I did, I 'hand pressed' them
  • & if you have a core in your garlic, remove it, it is bitter and indigestible - tip from my landlady in Spain, Ester


300g pork and beef mince (just beef here tonight)
3 rashers butcher's bacon
2 hard boiled egg, yokes & whites
100g ground almonds
3 cloves garlic crushed
1 raw egg
1 bread roll softened in milk
1 tablsp Malvasia wine, or just white wine - Spanish sherry is a great sub but don't use too much
1 bunch chopped parley
salt & pepper

flour some oil for frying.

For the sauce

1 cup olive oil
1 onion
250g toms - (I used 400g tinned tonight)
½ cup dry malvasia wine, or white wine
1 cup of meat stock
little saffron
s & p

chopped parsley

The meatballs
  • mince meat, bacon & hard boiled egg yokes together.
  • Now add ground almonds, garlic & 1 egg mix well.
  • Press out bread & mix with meat.
  • Add wine & parsley and season with salt pepper & nutmeg.
  • Shape mix into balls and
  1. either cook from raw for a tender meatball
  2. or roll in flour. Heat oil in large frying pan and cook the meatballs until evenly brown turning frequently.
To prepare sauce
chop onion finely, blanch toms with boiling water, peal and deseed and chop.
Heat olive oil in same pan and brown onion a little then add the tomatoes.

Steam for a short time and add the wine and the stock.
Season and leave it all to boil until reaches desired consistency stirring frequently.


  1. either place raw meatballs into the sauce and bake at 180 for 50 mins covered, 5 mins uncovered
  2. or add the meatballs that have been kept hot to the sauce and simmer at a low heat with lid on for approx 15 mins.
Serve with bread and other spanish plates.

see also Italian meatballs


The Wandering Pit said...

Hi Gill! I too am going to post a recipe for Spanish meatballs but you´ve beaten me to it!!! My recipe is a bit different so shall still post it. Your recipe sounds delicious too!

Gill the Painter said...

Excellent stuff.
I'll pick up your version when you post it as you're on my RSS feed for the morning.

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