1 March 2009

cooking from frozen pasta dough

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200g frozen fresh pasta - see here for method

  • defrost your dough ball for 3 hours, leaving it alone
  • flour it well, plus your pasta machine
  • flatten slightly, but don't knead it at all
  • work it into your pasta machine on it's highest setting, 1 fold and 2 rolls per setting
  • travel down the notches, folding and rolling 2 times
  • here it is at the half way stage
  • down to the second to last notch on my Imperia machine
  • leave it to rest, then cut your type of chosen pasta, here I am making 12 sheets of lasagne
  • cook lasagne sheets in boiling water for no more than 2 minutes in 4-6 sheet batches
see also lasagne con salsicce, swiss chard & mushroom lasagne


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