25 March 2009

coronation chicken

I do prefer coronation left-over turkey sandwiches to chicken
& it has to be breast

chicken breast, poached for 25 minutes
1 teasp very finely grated shallot
1 – 2 teasp mild curry paste, or powder

sweat the shallot. Add curry paste or powder, cook out and cool

stir in these remaining ingredients: 150 mil mayo, 1 - 2 tablsp soured cream, 1 tablsp mango chutney, ½ lime juice

poach chicken breast & cool
chop up & add to the coronation sauce (plus saltana if you like them)


Tracey said...

Hi Gill! Have never tried this and as had all the ingredients and wanted to try it, I made it the other day! Was delicious and shall definitely be making more often!

Gill the Painter said...

Great stuff Tracey.
It's my signature dish at lunches at the studio, I have to make a tray of coronation sandwiches or there's a riot.

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