10 March 2009

Dan Lepard rye crispbreads

Swedish dark crisp rye bread, adapted after Dan Lepard

I was thinking about how to make ryvitas. I've always enjoyed them since I was a teenager & after a discussion on the Beeb re Scandinavian knäckebröd, went to my new book


The Handmade Loaf book, by Dan Lepard, and chose it as the first recipe to try out

They are nutty, very savoury & go perfectly with cheese or sweet jam
I've just had some as my favourite snack - with marmite & cottage cheese

I had a hiccup the first attempt, the yeast didn't react as much as I hoped, so I had to adapt the process as you see it before you, to make compensations

The only problem I'm having is to get these more brittle - I'll work on it

The recipe really should be made with proper DL leaven I'm sure

200g rye flour
180mil tepid water
1 tsp fresh yeast at room temperature
1/2 teasp sea salt

  • gently crumble the fresh yeast into the tepid water, add 2 tablespoons of the flour & leave covered for 15 minutes to ferment - a little longer if there is no reaction
  • add the salt to the remainder of the flour & pour into the fermented yeast mix
  • cover & leave in an ambient place for 3 hours - mine doubled in size in the oven with the light on

  • on a teflon mat, heavily flour the mix & your rolling pin, you don't want any sticking
  • & roll to 3/4 cm depth

  • cover with a damp cloth (if you don't it cracks) & cling film
  • rest for 2 hours to double in size
  • gash into cracker sizes & stab masses of indents into the surface (this helps keep them brittle)
  • bake at 200 for 40 - 50 mins, turning the tray at intervals

  • leave on the oven bars for 10 minutes as the oven cools, & dry your knäckebröd on a wire rack overnight, or for 24 hours


Terry Dowdy said...

Looks delicious!!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Terry
Thank you.

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