17 March 2009

home-made pitta bread

4 cups (300 mil) white strong flour - 2 cups wholemeal + 2 cups strong white here
1 packet dried yeast
1 teasp fine sea salt
a good glug olive oil
1 cup (300 mil) tepid water

  • mix the dry ingredients together, & add the olive oil and the water
  • incorporate into a dough mix
  • rest for 1hr30 to double in size

  • knead your mix into dough balls
  • flour your surface & roll out to pitta shapes
  • set grill to highest setting & cook for 3 minutes turning once

  • if freezing wrap up at the dough ball stage
  • defrost at room temperature leaving balls intact, flour very well and roll out as normal


Anne said...

they look great! I tried Mamtas chappatis recently, were good but think better on gas cooker than our electric one!

Gill the Painter said...

I didn't spot that on your blog (if it's there) Anne.
I dry fry chappatis on the hob, but it's been a while since I've made them.

Do you use or make leaven?
I'm making my first batch as we speak & plan to improve upon my bread making, fingers crossed.

Anne said...

I didn't blog them Gill, mine looked erm interesting! David didnt like them with the curry (this was 'the' final curry...) but strangely ate them later with nutella....!

Not made leaven before but just saw your other post on it, recently bought the river cottage handbook and reading all about 'starters' and flour at the moment so hoping to try!

Gill the Painter said...

I'll keep you posted on the starter & breads Anne.

If David needs tempting back to the curry side, I think one of the best things I've made are aloo parathas:http://gillthepainter.blogspot.com/2009/01/aloo-parathas.html
You could try him on those one day, they are pretty tasty.

Sophie said...

Now would be the perfect time for one of these, they look warm and delicious.

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