14 June 2009

painting the Cyclist

Antony doubles up as a cyclist fanatic and a mosaic sculptor.

I've made mention previously, I am not too fussed with the likeness, as I am trying to paint the essence of the sitter, the feel of who is in front of me.

The cyclist only sits for 2 short sessions, so I'm working quickly.

He folds his arms, he unfolds his arms, so I make my decision to force a bold pose upon him, strong, with those arms tightly crossed.

I can't stop looking at his sporty arm band, and end up making quite a big deal of it after all.
& whilst I'm painting and splashing the colours around to recreate his vivid, scruffy cycling top, I am told by him that he had a cycling accident in France, & when they stitched his right eyebrow back on, it was up in his hairline.
He had to have it corrected when back home in England.

How odd I thought!

So I've given him a cicatriz - a mild scar over his right eyebrow to mark the moment I put my brushes down as I paused to listen to his short story.

I was going to make the background red, once the dark pressing surroundings I'd made on the canvas had dried, but I decide to leave things be. & I would like to have made more work of the painting, but no matter. The moment is complete.

& 'the Cyclist' is now signed & framed, and I shall move on to another canvas & subject.


Anne said...

Looks really good Gill, I like your style you have an eye for colour :)

Gill the Painter said...

Funnily enough, I only use 3 primary oil colours - they're called alizarin red, indian yellow, & prussian blue.
But you can get so much out of them.

Kavey said...

I like the vivid colours too...

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Kavey. It's great to see you here too.

Anonymous said...

Gill thats a great painting. I love the range of colours you achieved for the skin tones. (Jods Girl - for some reason I was logged in but it wouldnt let me select who to comment as?)

Gill the Painter said...

Hi JG.
You are all very kind to me.

I may immortalize you all in bright coloured oils & canvas one day.

The Wandering Pit said...

Hi Gill! I wish I were more artistic and had your talent!

Gill the Painter said...

I've seen your cooking Tracey.
You do!

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