9 March 2009

simple light fruitcake

light & very moist non-sweet fruitcake - the butter cream makes such a difference


225g self raising flour
half teasp all spice powder
1/4 teasp baking powder
*100g butter cream - use ordinary butter if you wish
200g raisins, use any combination of fruits
2 tablesp muscovado sugar
2 beaten eggs
70 - 100 g milk - soya milk is fine

* the butter cream -
120g butter & 130mil full fat pasteurized milk

  • just to tepid but no more, warm through the butter and milk
  • liquidize on full for 2 minutes, you get a single cream texture
  • refridgerate overnight
  • whisk your cream with an electric whisk till it turns to creamy butter

the fruitcake

  • beat all the ingredients together for 2 minutes
  • pour into a lined 6 inch, non-stick cake tin
  • bang down so their are no airholes
  • cover with baking paper to protect the surface
  • bake at 160 deg for 1hour45 till a skewer leaves the cake clean
  • cool your simple light fruitcake on a wire rack before cutting
  • If you use ordinary butter, you will have a firmer cake, like this


Anne said...

that looks lovely and crumbly Gill, will have to try it and the buttercream part sounds intriguing

Gill the Painter said...

I couldn't stop the picture looking dry, it's not Anne.

There was a message on the beeb, & I had a go at making double cream.
I was left with something more like butter cream to use - hence the happy accident here, where I've improved my fruitcake slightly on the back of it.

I could improve it more but the husband doesn't want his simple fruitcake tampering with.

The Wandering Pit said...

That sounds and looks delicious,Gill!Especially as it´s light as sometimes fruitcake can be a bit too rich and heavy! The butter cream also sounds like a nice addition.

Anne said...

It doesnt look dry at all Gill, just lovely and crumbly, in a good way! Dare I say it reminds me of mr K's manor house cake...;-)

Your lucky he will eat it, mine won't touch dried fruit at all, so all for me mmm

Gill the Painter said...

Mr K's. eh?
Have a go at the butter cream if you have the time, Anne & Tracey.

I'm going to try it out in pastry next.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill, My nan is just trying this out after she's made a lovely coconut cake...

It looks lovely in the picture and hopefully it will turn out just as nice as it looks.

Just like Mr. Kipling manor house cake.. Mmmm!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill - would buttermilk work? Better if I know before I chance it. Thanks for your help.........

Gill the Painter said...

Good afternoon.
I would say yes to buttermilk, although I've never tried it.

It's such a flexible recipe, I'm sure you'll get just as good a cake using it.

Or just use butter, and ordinary milk if you are worried.

Let me know how you get along.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting back to me Gill - I'm Tricia by the way. I have your recipe in the oven at the moment (using butter) so I'll tell you in about an hour or so how it comes out...........

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Tricia.
It's my husband's favourite with a cup of tea, so I hope you get along well with it.

Anonymous said...

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