17 April 2009


by Martin Blunos

I've been itching to try this recipe since Luca posted it on the Beeb messageboard
Verdict: delicious and quite decadent, puffy too

I halved the quantities & it still made 20 or so generously large blinis, which I shaped up with a scone cutter
I wouldn't shape them next time


220g strong flour
1/2 teasp fine sea salt
1 teasp dried yeast or 50g leaven @100%
pinch sugar

3 egg yolks
150mil soured cream
260mil milk

reserved 3 egg whites, beaten till soft

  • sieve the flour & add the dry ingredients to it, plus leaven if using
  • mix in remaining ingredients, save those egg whites till you have a loose pancake batter
  • cover & rest for 2 hours, till the surface is bubbling
  • beat egg whites till foaming, but the consistency of the batter
  • fold into the proved blini batter

  • I couldn't face their being fried in butter, so started the first with a little oil and a level teaspoon butter, reducing the oil, then deciding to wipe the pan so it left a film of oil only
  • ladle blinis into you pan & leave to puff up and become golden for 3 minutes before flipping
  • cook other side & reserve in a tea towel
  • fry the remainder of the batter in stages
  • warm blinis when required
  • and serve with champagne, scrambled egg and salmon, or topping of your choice


The Wandering Pit said...

Hi Gill! Your blinis look perfect and irresistable although I´d probably go for a different topping seeing as I don´t like fish!

Luca said...

They look great Gill. I only wiped the pan with a little butter which I found worked well and as I made far too many I froze quite a few of them. Delicious!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Tracey and Luca

I really enjoyed making these.

Maggie said...

Mmm the blinis look fabulous. Can't go wrong with your topping.

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