5 April 2009

cranberry & sultana top teacakes

I made minor adaptations, denoted by * to the Dan Lepard's top teacakes recipe:

the principle one being to add some refreshed leaven, reducing the dried yeast
& added dried cranberry and sultanas
substituted cinnamon to cardamom - I'd run out!

- either
*150g refreshed leaven, plus 2 level teaspoons dried yeast

- or
5 level teaspoons dried yeast (2 sachets)

125mil tepid water
600g strong white flour
150mil milk
*a squeeze liquid honey
25g caster sugar
*3 tablesp beef dripping
125g dried cranberries
150g sultanas
1/2 teasp dried ginger
grating of nutmeg
*1 cardamom pod, the seeds inside
1 level teasp fine sea salt
3 large eggs, beaten

  • stir dried yeast and tepid water well together
  • add 3 heaped tablesp from your flour. Cover and rest for 20 mins to activate
  • boil milk, remove from heat & add honey, fat, sultanas & cranberries, spices & salt.
  • Leave to cool, then fold in beaten eggs
  • *to the yeast mix, add in 100g leaven, if using
  • fold in the milk mix

  • in a large warm mixing bowl, pour in the remaining flour, & fold in the yeast/ milk/ egg mix, combine evenly
  • cover & rest for 10 mins

  • then knead very briefly at 3 x 10 minute intervals - it's sticky but not unmanageable
  • cover and rest for 30 mins
  • divide the dough into even 12 - 14 balls & place on a non-stick tray, with 2 cm gap. 2 trays would have been better
  • cover with carrier bags, not touching the dough balls, & rest for 2 hours till doubled

  • brush with beaten egg & bake at 220 (200 fan) for 15 mins, but no more, rotate the tray for even baking if needed
  • cool on a wire rack

and toast!


Maggie said...

Mmm I'm definitely jealous now with your breadmaking skills - you have certainly taken it to another level. The buns look delicious.

Gill the Painter said...

Thank you Margaret. Leaven really makes a difference, it's easier to manipulate than yeast I'm finding.

Don't ask me to bake a beautiful cake like you though!

Sam said...

They look so so good! Your kitchen must smell amazing!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Sam.
I've made the Dan Lepard yeast version before in the link. They are great too.

Anne said...

Glad to see the leaven in action! the buns look great, especially the toasted with butter shot, mmm!

With the beef dripping, do you think lard would work as a substitution?

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Anne.
Yes I do, or half lard/ half butter?

& If you click on Dan Lepard's recipe link, in the beginning narrative, he also suggest white chocolate for a veggie sub for that fat content.

Anne said...

Hi Gill - thanks for confirming, beef dripping doesnt tend to be a kitchen item! I like the idea of the white chocolate too though!


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