10 April 2009

painting a cafe from the imagination

So we take an idea, I want to paint a cafe image in oils.
Not one I've just been to, but what a cafe means to me from my imagination

To me, it's my childhood.
Hours spent at the Speedy Bar, where I hung out as a teenager, nursing a chip buttie and a glass of warm pop
or the Gingham Kitchens, where I enjoyed a coke float wishing I could manage another.

So we start with the chairs and the gingham table cloths, the old fashioned lights, condensation at the kitchen area

quickly covering the canvas with my first thoughts and impressions

It is left to dry for a week

and I start to define the salt pepper & tablecloth

although I get lost counting the faded green red pink checks ..........................

so I move over, & put an impression of myself as a teenager in there

which I take out just as readily
to put emphasis on the lighting, & this will now throw the cafe into some darkness I suppose

then finally I want to bring the lights up, define what stands for the kitchen area at the back

& add some cork screws next to the salt and pepper mills - it's probably now licensed

I could do more, add a ketchup tomato shaped squeezy bottle, but I decide to end the image here as it feels just as I wanted it to look from the back of my memory
30 years ago


Kavey said...

How fascinating to see an artist's thought processes and to watch the stages of development as the work progresses from initial idea through to finished piece!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Kavey.
It's a bit odd that paintings are made over again and again, but each layer builds the next one.

I've immortalized "my womb" in oils too - but I'll save that gem for another day!

Unknown said...

Hi Gill: I would like to sit there and have a glass of red with some cheese please! That would feel great.

Gill the Painter said...

Doesn't that sound great Elisa

Anonymous said...

Hello Gill
I have been sitting here and looking at stages of you 'cafe' painting. It is beautiful, but I must be very strange, I like its 2nd stage the best :-).

Gill the Painter said...

Not strange at all.
You probably find something in there means something to you, that's not in the final stage.

It's not as heavy on the eye either.

Unknown said...

Hi Gill: yesterday I had some friends over to partake in my foie gras terrine (and finish it off too!) and two were my very good friends Nad and Real. They had not seen your painting before and I said absolutely nothing, but I cought Real staring at your painting. Nad made a comment saying it looked wonderful and Real said "what a strong painting and what an excellent "coup de patte", who is this by?". He loved it and I thought you'd like to hear about that, as coming from him it is no small compliment. As for me, I love it better every day :-)

Gill the Painter said...

What a compliment Elisa. I can't believe it coming from Real especially, and Nad.

It confirms your taste in art too, then. He he he.

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