30 April 2009

rhubarb dressing for Greek yoghurt

Since we've met, my husband has wanted me to make a non-sweet rhubarb pie/ crumble with non-sweet custard. I've avoided rhubarb for 15 years

But this weekend he comes home with the shopping, inclusive of rhubarb
I still refuse to make the pie! But decided on a non-sweet sauce for the home-made Greek yoghurt I've prepared

This is a delicious refreshing combo left tart, but add that sugar now! if you like it sweet

a pint or so of sliced washed rhubarb
juice one orange
2 teaspoons muscovado sugar
1 tablespoon honey

for a sweeter version add 2 - 3 tablespoons muscovado sugar

  • mix in an oven dish, cover with foil & bake @150 for 20 - 25 mins
  • taste
  • pucker lips
  • add 1 good squeeze of honey
Optional: add fresh ginger

serve with creamy, sour, cool home-made yoghurt


Maggie said...

This looks like a good rhubarb recipe. I have two rhubarb crowns in my garden and so now it's rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb!!!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Margaret.
I'll be getting some more, I don't grow it but I'm a 2 minute walk from a farmers' veg flower chocolatier shop.

Feel the rhubarb!

Anne said...

Non-sweet rhubarb crumble? .. can see why you have avoided making!

Looks delicious though! Sorry have not been round much, hardly get chance at new company to get online :(

alik said...

I like...
nice your blog....
nice you too...

Alik Ibe said...

I like...
Nice your blog...
Nice you too...

Gill the Painter said...

Hello Alik
& welcome.

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