21 May 2009

goulash with light caraway scones

Goulash recipe courtesy of Christine at the BBC messageboards
I've made no tweaks, it's fabulous just as you see it

& we usually serve our beef stews with caraway scones

ingredients - the goulash
chopped braising beef
1 and a half chopped onions
2 tsp flour
2 heaped tablesp paprika
1 tin tomatoes
3/4 pint beef stock

plus chopped parsley & 2 tablesp soured cream

  • fry the onions & beef for 5 mins in a little oil and butter
  • sprinkle with flour & cook for 1 minute or so
  • add your paprika and sauté for a minute
  • add your stock & the tinned tomatoes
  • cook for 2hrs30 on the hob

  • remove your beef when tender and reduce your liquid if you need to - I did here
  • just before serving, add chopped parsley, and 2 tablesp of soured cream

ingredients - the caraways scones
2 cups = 280/ 300g self raising flour
1 and a half inch stick = 50g butter
pinch baking powder
a little sea salt
1 teaspoon caraway seeds
wine glass milk = 125mil

the trick for fluffy scones is not to muck about with them too much

  • process the flour salt and caraway seeds together
  • add the butter & process to form breadcrumbs. (by hand, rub together to form breadcrumbs)
  • with the motor running, pour in the milk, the texture will be rather like cake mix (by hand, incorporate the milk quickly cutting in with a knife & bring the dough together quickly with your hands)
  • heavily flour a board & your scone dough equally well

  • do not roll, just press it lightly with your hands into a round tall shape
  • cut your scones straight down - no twisting - so your scones don't lean when baking

  • brush with a little milk
  • bake at 180 on a teflon mat for 15 - 20 mins till golden but not dry

  • or bake on top of your goulash in the oven - like dumplings - for the last 15 - 20 mins
  • if making in advance, cover well with cling film after shaping, and protect with an upturned deep baking pan, until they are ready to go into the oven


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