23 April 2010


A very pleasant South American salsa sauce by Eva, in Chile

we had it with griddled fish a la plancha (but not on the bbq quite yet)

spring onions
fresh tomatoes
fresh coriander - I added chopped chives too
2 or 3 deseeded fresno peppers
ev olive oil
salt and pepper

Don't be shy with that oil.
& the fresno peppers are great in raw sauces for that manageable pepper heat.


Joanna said...

I've never heard of fresno peppers! But now I have looked them up and it says they are hotter than jalapenos, so hottish? Looks like a good sauce to have in your repertoire Gill!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Joanna.
Fresno are the ones marked mild in the shops.
The heat dissolves into a pleasant pepper show, rather than fire-kick.

I use them in a cucumber salad too, very soft and gentle after a couple of hours rest: http://gillthepainter.blogspot.com/2009/05/cucumber-salad-salsa.html

azelia said...

I never stint on the oil :-)....and the tomato abundance has just started...with the sunshine we've been experiencing lately it looks perfect to sit alongside a grilled meat or fish...

but I love salsas like these on grilled bread as a snack....

Gill the Painter said...

me too Azelia.

Thank goodness for salsas, salads & griddled vegetables.

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