31 May 2009

Stow-on-the-Wold to Winchcombe walk

It was probably a bit too hot for my little body yesterday to be walking over the Cotswold hills, but non-the-less, off we charged.
I've got 3 litres of water on my back, & I'm thinking, the more I drink, the lighter the pack gets.

Catching the number 801 at 10:30 from Cheltenham to Stow-on-the-Wold

Phew, I'm pleased to get off the coach an hour later at the village square, I was getting a bit queasy on there towards the end.

& we're heading West over yonder fields

We've taken a wrong turning somewhere whilst chatting and pointing at a big tractor
but walk into Lower Slaughter, here's the mill, honey pot as they say round here

Off again towards Upper Slaughter
Our path cuts right by the Lords of the Manor restaurant. Some lucky people are having lunch on the striped lawn.

So whilst my husband is trying to find the next path on the Ordnance map, I'm gawping at the menu.
Click image & zoom in for a closer look around the page, I think you can see it

There's something about this walk that has occurred to us.
Some kindly farmer has been painting out the path signs making it rather difficult.
Whoever you are - thanks a bunch!

So, North West, over the hills, along the paths and we're heading through Naunton - it's very romantic there - towards Guiting Power - race horse training country.
The church bells are ringing in concert with our walking the trail inward

Is that broad bean they're growning ???

Now we have to walk the road route too much towards Winchcombe, 5 miles to go & 2hrs or so to do it.

Passing into a meadow, I see a fox sleeking along the lower edges & he hasn't spotted us.
The last time we saw a fox, it had a limp rabbit in its jaws

Then on into Winchcombe.
We used to live in Teachers House, exactly next door to the St Peters church.
Bell ringing was every Wednesday evening, so we always popped out to the pub on Wednesdays.

We catch the 17:40 bus back into Cheltenham,
& light up our new barbecue for the

Pinchos - 3 recipes here

& yes, we did sleep well last night.


Luca said...

I'm not surprised you slept well! What a fabulous walk Gill. I love that area - particularly the Slaughters.

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Luca.
There's something for everyone round that part of the world isn't there.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful walk that is Gill! Somehow I'm not surprised you slept like babies :) Gorgeous country, you must have enjoyed your day!

Kavey said...

What a lovely walk, Gill!

Anne said...

Looks like a beautiful walk, glad the weather was gorgeous for you! The pinchos look delish too!

Gill the Painter said...

Good morning Elisa, Kavey & hi Anne.

Glorious again for us all. I'm resting my tootsies & chilling in the garden now.
Enjoy what your day brings as much as I'm doing.

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