20 June 2009

Dan Lepard : simple medium white leaven loaf

whilst attending Dan Lepard's sourdough workshop, I also took the opportunity to pass on some of my 4 month old white leaven to my 2 friends, Lucinda and Elisa.

& this Dan Lepard recipe is for their first attempt at a DL loaf, which will use leaven.
It's from the Cook Simply Everything, available via the Amazon link

Also, taking photos has proved a hindrance, so please forgive any imperfections here, it's a bit fiddly.
& I haven't got an inquisitive cat I can lay blame to. Just an inquisitive me.

I shaped both a ball first, & then a baton,
so you should choose either one or the other

120g natural leaven at room temperature
200g room temp water
One 7g teasp sea salt
300g strong white flour

Olive oil for kneading

08:50 till 10:00 - kneading the dough

  • combine the leaven and water, room temp is around 20 deg

  • mix the salt into the flour
  • add the leaven mix to the flour mix, pulling it together rapidly with your fingers, the dough reads approx 22 deg in temperature
  • cover & rest for 10mins
  • drop a blob of oil onto your work surface, coupled with your hands, & scrape your dough out onto it
  • that 1st quick knead, lift up (it comes away from the oiled surface), rotate a tad, quick rolling knead, lift up, rotate a tad, quick rolling knead ....................... for about 10 seconds in total
it's sticky work!

  • rest for 10mins, & repeat a 2nd knead
  • rest for 10mins & repeat a 3rd knead
  • rest for 30 mins this time

10:00 till 13:00 - folding the dough for the important initial rise

  • lightly flour your work surface this time
  • shape your rested dough into a rectangle
  • fold down the top long edge by a third
  • then fold up the other long edge by a third on top
  • fold in the left side by a third
  • and fold in the right side, like-wise

  • flip over and rest in you bowl for one hour

  • for a second time, repeat this fold, and rest for one hour
  • for a third time, repeat this fold, and rest for one hour
  • you can perform this a fourth time if your dough seems sluggish?

13:00 till 15:00 (or 16:00) - ball shaping

  • stretch out your dough into a flat round with your palm
  • place and support your dough on your hand, with your thumb resting in the centre
  • roll down a section of the edge with your other thumb and secure it with your first thumb into the centre with a press
  • rotate a tad
  • roll down the next section with your other thumb, secure it in the centre with your first thumb
  • work around the ball so that you have folded sections into the centre
  • turn it over to reveal a smooth round upper surface
  • cup your dough between your two hands
  • slide the dough one way, slowly across your bench, pushing with one hand, and securing with the other
  • now you have a tidy round loaf shape, underneath is the network of folds

baton shaping

  • on a floured surface or floured tea towel, stretch lift & pat out your dough to a long flat (rugby ball) shape
  • fold the top left corner in 2 inches, the right top corner in 2 inches, and the centre point you now have, fold that down 2 inches, firmly sealing the edges without air locks
  • rotate the dough 180 deg, and repeat the 3 folds ............... like so (another bread image but the same shaping)

  • now fold directly in half again along that central horizontal you see
  • & gently press to remove air
  • and roll with your hands karate style at the both edges, gently rocking it back and forth into a baton shape with tapered edges
  • now we have the shape, heavily flour a cloth with rye flour (I used white)
  • cradle your dough into the cloth seam side uppermost, cover and leave for 2 hours - or 3 hours - to rise by almost double

15:00 or 16:00 - the bake

  • heat your oven to 220 deg C, (with an oven dish or tray underneath to create steam)
  • roll your risen dough, seam side down, onto a lightly floured tray
  • & boldly gash with a sharp serrated fruit knife

  • add a coffee cup of water to the tray
  • & bake your bread for 20mins
  • turn the temperature down to 190, and bake for another 15 or 20 mins

  • cool on a wire rack


Unknown said...

Wow Gill! Thank you so much. I have printed it out. That'll be tomorrow or Tuesday. Merci again for the leaven. I'm tremendously looking forward to making and tasting it. Elisa

Gill the Painter said...

Once you've made this loaf, you are on your way!!!
I've bought a stainless steel pan with lid, the one we were talking about in Fortnums, to make a DL en cocotte loaf tomorrow

Lucinda said...

Hi Gill

That looks fabulous and I will be giving it a shot when I have a free day. Many thanks again for the leaven which is bubbling away nicely!!

I can't wait!

Gill the Painter said...

My pleasure, Lucinda

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