18 July 2009


By Dan Lepard - the Handmade Loaf



Odette said...

Glad you've blogged this, Gill! They look de-vine! I have them on my to make list as soon as we've eaten through our mini bread mountain! I made some of Dan's baps for this WE and they're going down a treat with yesterday's pork adobado and green chiles! The baps are one of Tom's faves - he of the squidgy white bread disposition! - and the grissini will be a big hit when I make them.


Gill the Painter said...

Squidgy white bread baps have their place - wrapped either side of a burger obviously.

Pork adobado and green chiles sound de-vine for sure!

Hope you gets along well with the grissini(s), they disappeared real quick like here.

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