8 August 2009

how to oil paint

anyone can do it. honest!
go to your local town hall, and ask about studios and lessons.
and you're away ...................

from there you'll find your own style.
I paint what I feel, not what I see. Even if it's in front of my very eyes, I'll make marks inside and out of the subject.

Most of my approach is spent thinking. & my physical painting style then on is faster that a Nigella speedy supper - speedy speedy.
covering that canvas no matter what size in about half a hour.
I put a mark at the top, the middle - change the colour - and dib around the canvas.

Stand back, and if I'm lucky, the marks make sense of my thoughts & visions.

I only use 3 colours:

alizarin red

prussian blue

indian yellow

the latter is pure turmeric. & on occasion I'll introduce a fourth, such as cadmium yellow.

My dear friend Odette has recommended an oil paint maker in the States, Gamblin, so I get these tubes Fedexed into the UK if the rate is favourable enough
otherwise, I used rich paints from Michael Harding.

using these 3 I can get a deep deep black - like caste iron railing paint, tonal greys, pretty much any colour I would wish for
so you make a start on your image, get that canvas covered first before you go into any detail.

Here I'm on vacation in Catalunya, where I paint on the beach, while my husband reads or snorkels or power swims back and forth in the sea. Occasionally I digi-vid him so he can analyse his style when we go home.
I have to make do with stabbing my brushes in the sand, as I have no room for a tray - it's awkard out there - but that's part of it.

Spanish kiddies on the beach sit behind and play, making gentle simple remarks as I chat to them, and their parents make sure I'm not being disturbed

- ¿Qué es?
- ¿qué ves?
- no se
- el ojo de la imaginacion
- ¿como?
- el mar
- ¿dónde está la playa
- detrás
- ?y las palmeras?
- detrás

For someone with no children, I enjoy this kindergarten new role of mine

any way.
Those ideas have to come to life somehow.

from a boring, boring painting here, I pick up the canvas one year later after I've seen something.

My husband in the hotel room, cannot switch off the digital TV screen that dominates our room. So he covers the image with FT newspaper pages
which flutter and drift due to the static, and through the dark obscure pages, I detect lines of dramatic pixelated boats.
I drift off to sleep with the impression in my head
and work on that canvas for half an hour, recreating the hotel TV image as I've remembered it

Just paint anything and everything you want & feel. That's all you have to do when you pick up that brush


Odette said...

You're a braver and more patient soul than I, Gill, painting on the beach with all that sand and a bunch of little kids running around and looking over your shoulder! I told you that Scott at Gamblin said they were going to have a UK vendor in place by the fall. Yay! I bet the FedEx shipping is exhorbitant. He also said it was because of demand from over there!

Gill the Painter said...

Maybe I'm just stoopid, Odette :)
But people are very kind when they see you pottering with paint.

I sometimes invite them to blob a bit on the canvas themselves

(I can always oily airbrush it off later LOL).

Great news! about Gamblin.
The FedEx, duty & tax do make it hit or miss whether I can buy them or not.

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