5 August 2009

the Workshop painting: of my day at Dan Lepard's sourdough class

I've been trying to think how to paint my wonderful day at Dan Lepard's workshop.

Clean, crisp, clear memories of a day I want to remember. I've got the bread making for the rest of my life.
But I want to represent my interpretation of the feel of the day.

First thing, the aprons
Second thing, the intimate group of people
Third thing ................... I'll carry on with that later.

So I've got a piece of heavy sacking that I bought for the princely sum of €3 in a little shop in France.
So I've stretched it, fixed it, PVA'd it, & most importantly I've primed it ready

After too much pondering, I've started to just get on with that first approach to the gathering for the workshop:

I'm thinking about the impression of mainly the tidy white aprons, that offer quite a lot of comfort
and steel worktops, steel bowls, a group of different people who all look and feel like-minded

And I move on to pick out the remnants in my imagination of the moment

Can you tell which person is Dan?

And at the third session, I want to soften up the background.
Steel in a kitchen isn't cold. So I've warmed up the colour a little.

and finally, the painting is complete. I've signed it today.

Not a bread roll in sight I hear you cry, but I'm not painting the bread baking, I'm painting my lasting impression of the day, something from my imagination.
It's a gathering of same-minded people, all differing essentially & yet all the same on the day.

It reminds me of Alice through the looking-glass &, if I'd read the book, I might be able to cobble in some symbolism and parallels from it.
But I haven't, so I can't.

You are in there - tall chap standing beside, & to the right of, Dan. & if you'd rather, you can be the one in the middle peeking out with the bright red pair of lips.

& which one's Dan, then?

The chap on the right, with a cap on (as in the photographs I've seen of him) his apron tied to his waist, and his hands to his pockets looking rather cool.
He's got flat colourful trainers on.

& me? I'm left centre canvas - with the orange lips holding a cup of coffee.

Sorry about the photo, the heavens opened just as I was leaving the studio, so it's a little dull.
But you can see what it's about I think.
I'll take another better picture if I can.

& the piece is titled "the Workshop".

~ ~ ~ * * * ~ ~ ~

the painting is now absolutely complete.
David, I've put your glasses in, and some hands
& I've changed Dan's trainers slightly, so they no longer look like fluffy rabbit slippers.
It's now hung on the studio wall

Click on the image direct, and you can see the original size & can navigate around the work to see the brush strokes if you so wish


Unknown said...

Great idea Gill. No, I can't tell which one is Dan!! I thought one but the figure looks like it has no slacks on,so I said to myself, nah. I can't wait to see more! Elisa:)

Lucinda said...

very interesting idea and like Elisa I can't see which one is Dan... who presumably did have trousers on.... as otherwise you might just have mentioned that in passing!!

Looking forward to seeing more.

Gill the Painter said...

he he he.
I think it will be finished & signed today - it's been just about
and I'm thinking about the last brush stroke I want to make during the night.

Just the one, I want to keep the feel as you see here.

More to follow

David W. said...

Gill, if I'm in it, could you make me look slimmer ? Only I'm struggling to lose a bit of weight, and it'd be nice to see how I'm going to look!

Gill the Painter said...

'tis complete, fellow lady aprons and gentlemen aprons.

Just uploading the final couple of images, and we're there.
It's going into an exhibit next week, where I'll hear people saying "what is THAT?" "no idea!"and the like.

Hi David.
Your wish is my command :)

Lucinda said...

Bravo Gill!

It's great to see the developing stages of the painting. I can certainly spot Dan now.

Good luck with the exhibit and don't forget to report back....

Unknown said...

That is a classy stylish tableau Gill! I can see Dan now too, he's a snappy dresser. Best of luck at the exhibit.

Gill the Painter said...

Thank you ladies.
Just one more dib to make today - I'll put David's funky glasses in.

But I must not dabble any more! oh no.

& I'll take a more decent picture for you if I can - the natural light is better today.

Kavey said...

I love abstract art like this - I like that you have a starting point and that the painting does represent the baking class to you. But that it's abstract enough that it can represent other things to it's viewers!

Gill the Painter said...

You have hit the proverbial nail on the head, Kavey.
You obviously have "an eye" as they say in the trade :)

One lady at the studio said it looked tribal to her, and asked why there were no spears in the painting.

Another, said it was like her salsa classes - I thought that one was odd, but no matter.
She is a salsa dancer mind.

Odette said...

Wonderful painting, Gill. Love it.

David W said...

Gill, I think I'm on the extreme right, almost out of view (but that makes me look thinner) and then Dan is next to me, with his green slightly tweedy cap on (not that he wore it during the class, but he has it on in some of his photos).

I've been inspired by you to start a blog of my own, but until it has some content I'm saying no more.

Gill the Painter said...

Cool. Can't wait on that blog. Food, restaurants and salt marsh lamb is it?

& that's right David about the people here. You're Dan's right hand man, in glasses.
& everyone's thin in Painterland - even me.

It's not a likeness game here in this particular picture I've made. Although I could approach it that way next time.
If it's portraits, I can do a more direct thing - like Agnes say: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/3iwEN1TtgUkQPioEk_9Rvw?authkey=Gv1sRgCIv_76Xd-qK0nQE&feat=directlink
with more intricacies, ins and outs, fleshy folds and the like

but this occasion was different. Just the bright sensation I was drawing (upon) of the morning.

The best of luck with your blog David. I hope I'm quick enough to be your first follower!

Sue Turner-Smith said...

Hi Gill, I really love this painting. And I spotted Dan straight away!

Gill the Painter said...

Hello fellow painter, Sue.

Thank you so much for your visit.
I've got my next workshop painting in the planning, as this one is going down well both online and at the studio exhibit.

So I shall work on another (less spontaneous) memoire.
I've made the canvas up, just need to get my flat tweed thinking cap on!

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