25 September 2009

and all because ... the lady loves ... le Creuset

That'll come off I reckon!

Popped out to the pub for a couple of liveners, as the pot roast beef and carrots were working their way to ready the moment we walk through the door.

I do like a thin sauce, but just in case, I'd rescued some out of the pot

................. for a beautiful reduction, it tasted wonderful when I went out for 2 hours

& what about our smoke alarm? It goes loopy when I use the toaster. Not a peep.


Tony's cleaned it with Vanish heated on the hob. It's fobby, but Zing! Look at that finish.
I wish my windows were that clean.


Debs @ DKC said...

Ha Ha Ha, that'll teach you to go to the pub! That's the sort of thing usually happens to me LOL.

Gill the Painter said...

Pleased to hear I'm not the only one.

Tony asked if that "lovely smell" was from our house when we walked up the path.

He was hungry enough to eat a scabby donkey mind.
The evening meal wasn't ruined thank goodness.

Maggie said...

I bet that took some elbow grease to remove that lot!

Lush said...

LOL - Are you quite sure you hadn't had a practice run first with those stiffeners.....?

The colour in that pan is an exact match of my meaty, country-style spareribs I casseroled on Weds.
I covered them with far too much sauce, so turned the heat up a big notch at the end to reduce down a bit.
It reduced allright - not an attractive colour is it? No sauce left at all - but they were very tasty!!

And I hadn't even left the house - and before you say it - no...no liveners involved...!
Just elbow grease!

Nice to see the Haricot...!

Luca said...

Bad luck Gill! Been there - done that and yes... it did get clean eventually!

Mine was milk.... made less mess than when elder son decided to start boiling eggs and then got distracted.............. pooooh! Stinkerooney! Now that one he cleaned up!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Margaret Lush & Luca.

those ribs sound just right to me Lushers. I wouldn't mind gnawing on one right now as I type. Schlurp-a! drippy!

Husband's cleaned it all up now - ah that's why I love him so.
You wouldn't know anything was wrong with the pot now, but I think I'll cook an onion in there just to defuse any after effects or residual pong.

Now burnt milk. That's grim, Luca.

Gloria said...

LOL! lol! lol!!!!

Love this post. Just last week my neighbour left her house to come to mine to tell me I had something burning. There was I, sat just in the sitting room, with the door wide open which leads across the dining room and straight into the kitchen. I was sooooo intent on blogging that I hadn't even smelt the burning. And then, I done the same thing a few days later only my husband came through the front door and thought the house was burning down. Oh . . . big time shame!!! Wish I'd thought to blog it . . Hilarious!! So no worries GillthePainter, your in good company!!

The pot's come up fabulously though, hasn't it? . . . and thanks for the onion tip . . figure I'm gonna need to use it soon!!

Gill the Painter said...

Ah, Ha.
You were in the house too .... now that's a dedicated blogger for you.

Lush said...

Wayhey....Vanish to the rescue!
Not tried that - it will be stored in the ol' brain-box for next time (there always is....)!

BTW....do you hire that Tony of yours out....??!

Gill the Painter said...

I do Lushers.

Don't go making him do any heavy lifting though.

Zeb said...

Now must be the season for burning pans. I never burn pans. Having said that, I burnt two in the last two weeks. Both scrubbed up ok. I use sodium bicarbonate in hot water and leave over night. Then I burnt my fingers on a hot bread tray. So that was three, and then there was a small flood in the roof space. So your post has cheered me up.!! Brian just said well the bottom of the pans hasn't burnt through, so that's all right then...

Gill the Painter said...

Oh dear, poor you Zeb.

Your burns sound painful - blow blow kissy kissy better.

Pity said...

what a wonderful cleaning job! i cant believe its the same casserole dish! loved the post, and so the rest of your site, will be back for more,

cheers from london,


Gill the Painter said...

Welcome Pity.
Thank you for the comment.

Odette said...

Can I borrow Tony, Gill?? That's an impressive cleaning job. Very. What is Vanish your side of the pond? This side it's a toilet bowl cleaner!

Gill the Painter said...

Ha ha!
Vanish is for clothes, Odette. I
n soap or pre-soak liquid form for getting rid of stains when you've dribbled your curry down you favourite top like a right slob.

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