11 September 2009

the back parcel shelf of the MX5 ........

is all mine, and this is what I have brought back from Spain & France
coupled with my painting easel, canvases, stretchers and materials, & the laptop

- 5 litres of Spanish extra virgin olive oil
- a Spanish pot that I intend to blacken for bbqs, into the oven and for the stove top cooking, like all good Spanish mamas have
- Granxet dried beans from a Catalan market stall
- A stash of 10 tubes of Amora mustard that lasts till about February - so I've brought back extra
- mucho soap that doesn't make you sneeze
- a chair for my painting studio, I couldn't manage 2 in the back of the car
- and a new handbag

crammed into the 15 year old little blue MX5, which is sadly on it's last legs:

I confess I felt a bit sorry for the Border Control guard who felt the need for a rummage in our car - especially the boot.
I think he got oil paint on his hands and jacket!


Odette said...

That's a good haul you brought back, Gill, and serve the border inspection guy right for ferreting around! He probably got it all over his trousers, too! Great to have you back and look forward to seeing what you do with those beans and other tasty morsels.

Luca said...

Well done Gill! It's a heck of a business bringing things back in a cart that size. There is a definite art to it!!

As Odette says can't wait to see the goodies you make.

Gill the Painter said...

Rowley Leigh has a column today featuring borlotti beans in the FT, that would be usable: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/4a4e15e0-9e61-11de-b0aa-00144feabdc0.html?ftcamp=rss

Unknown said...

Lovely tale Gill! I'm not allowed my CD's in the car either :-( That is a very nice stash of goodies and that border inspector really should have known better than to go through a tiny car filled to the gills! Am looking forward to photos of finished painting and an inventive bean dish?

Gloria said...

Serves him right, lol!! When we were passing thru'they thoroughly searched our van from top to bottom. Needless to say they found no contraband. We had a lovely trip tho' and the people of France were very kind to us.

Looking forward to having new recipes for beans tho' as we are great lovers and eaters of all things pulses!!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Elisa
& Gloria again.

We really should respect the fine work that the border guards do to keep us safe and secure.

Nahhhhh. He definitely shouldn't have been dabbling with tubes he doesn't unnerstan! Poor sod.

right, next brief, a fabulous beans dish to share. I'll be back.

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