17 September 2009

District 9: the movie

Contains no plot spoilers

We love the movies. Used to go 3 or 4 times a week in London, when we didn't have a telly.

So, we go to see District 9 yesterday, Orange Wednesdays style.

& whilst we think we've got real good seats like, in comes 4 pick 'n mix twenty year olds who plonk in front of us, and now render our good seats as the black spot.
They continue to talk and talk ................. & talk. But it's the adverts.

So they continue to giggle - rather falsely I feel - during the film clips.

Now I like the film clips as it helps me decide on the next films to see. But no Gill, be cool, it's not the main feature yet.

So the film starts - and a jolly good Peter Jackson one it is too. A smashing film to go and see, but it's odd, eh.

& they are trying to disguise it, but they are still talking. For people with the attention span of a goldfish, they've certainly got my attention.
So I kick - one, two, three times - at the back of each chair. & as they each turn round to confront, my eyes flick sharpishly up to the screen. My sense of timing is impeccable. And they do indeed shut up.

But what's this? Oh man! One of them is flashing their mobile phone round. I can't keep my eyes on the film & I'm inconsolable.

So I lean over and deeply whisper from behind ................... "I've been watching your mobile phone for the past 5 minutes & I don't like it, shut it off"
Snap! it's away faster than a Nigella speedy speedy supper.

As the film ends and the lights go up, they look round to see who their assailant is, but my eyes aren't connecting with them.

It's not often in life I get the opportunity to tell such deserving people to shut-the-fuck-up!

Ah! That felt good.


Lush said...

Haaahaha....first laugh of the day - thanks for that ScaryGrilly, and good for you - too many people just take it and say nothing - my murder glands would have been out too!
At one point there I was expecting you to say your head turned a full 180deg. at the same time....!!! Although I think I'm still slightly shocked at a Cheltenham laydee using such expletives..:-)!

Great news about your studio - exciting beginings - I hope it will be everything you want!

Does this mean we'll all be invited to your first exhibition....???

Gill the Painter said...

Yeah! A dose of heavy duty payback with knobs on, Lushers.

Hey, you'll get an invite for sure - I'm aiming for pre Christmas time - I hope you can make it.
Bring plenty of rich pink champagne swilling friends with you.
They can bring a bottle.

Just kidding like.

David W said...

I couldn't help but think of an incident many years ago, when a friend of mine was at the Royal Opera House and all through Act One, the people next to him were unwrapping sweets from crinkly papers. At the interval, he leant over and said, very loudly, "Excuse me, but could you unwrap enough food now to see you through to the end of the opera ?".

Gill the Painter said...

Ha ha ha. Excellent cutting riposte from your friend, David.

I tend to think of them 3 hours later.

Debs @ DKC said...

Yesterday was a crap day for me, then I read this post and it made me laugh. And YOU can,t think of a funny story (wink).

Gill the Painter said...

Today can only get better then.
I've got a pool story for you Deb that may cheer you up, I'll email it.

Anne said...

Well done Gill for standing up to them, it drives me mad when people talk in the cinema! x

Arnie said...

Superb, a girl after my own heart.

I would have done exactly the same.

If more people were willing to speak up and challenge this type of behaviour then I suspect it would happen less often.

Funnily enough when I saw this film adverstised the OH and I couldn't make up our minds if it was worth the effort, but it sounds like you gave it the thumbs up.

BTW I really enjoy your blog, I discovered it through the BBC messageboard.

Gill the Painter said...

Hello Annie, doesn't it just.

And welcome, Arnie.
We've seen 2 positive films in one week, they don't come along often: District 9, and today a very feel good Sam Mendes film - Away We Go.
A bit of a slow burner, till strong actors take the stage.

Nice to see you make your way here from the Beeb.

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