16 September 2009

I've just picked up the ...........

to my new studio

I'm so excited I could burst ............ I'll be starting to paint in there at sunrise tomorrow.


Luca said...

Yippee Gill! That is so exciting. It must be a real thrill to have your own studio at last.

Have wonderful times there!!!

Kavey said...

How exciting! Congrats Gill!

Gill the Painter said...

Thank you Kavey and Lucinda.

I needed to spread my tiny wings and fly away. This opportunity came along and seemed just right.

& I won't be alone, I'm sharing the space with a talented lady called Lella.
& Sarah who runs the Cheltenham school of drawing & art, plus Crescent Network will be involved in there too.

David W said...

Wow, this is like getting a bread oven built in the back garden - which so far, I've resisted.

Debs @ DKC said...

Congratulations Gill, wish you every success for the future.

Gill the Painter said...

One track mind, David.
I wouldn't mind that bread oven in the yard now you mention it.

Hi Debs

How kind. Thank you so much.

Odette said...

Congrats , Gill and wishing you good painting. Exciting getting your own sudio space!

David - you should build a bread oven in the garden!

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