1 September 2009

met my sister in Spain! how odd

My oldest sister Jane was by coincidence in Pineda de Mar, with only one day window overlap at the end of her holiday - as Tony and I rolled into Tossa de Mar to start ours, 20 or so kilometers down the coast.

So we decided to catch the flying boat down the coast and say hello.

It was wonderful to see them, chilled and ready to go home, as we were starting out on our vacations.

So here we are

left to right:
Tony, Jane my sister, Abby my little niece, and Chris her partner

I wonder if she has stopped crying yet after our leaving .......


Odette said...

Well helloooooo! Nice to see your post and hope you're having a fabulous time. What a great pic of everyone!

Unknown said...

They all do look relaxed Gill! Bet they loved it too.
How is the painting going? You and Tony enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Gill the Painter said...

Howdy ladies.
The holiday is nearly over, so I'll be speaking to you soon.
Painting is going great, I've got one to post here that I made on the beach of Tossa de Mar.

I've had to cut it off the stretcher & wrap it wet, but it should still hold it's form & style for when I get home to the studio.

Luca said...

I can't wait to see your paintings Gill and hear all the news. Lovely happy pic.

Just about to make some pitta breads (your recipe natch) for later.

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Luca.
Refreshing my leaven so won't be making breads for a mo.

I quite fancy some of those pittas you've been cooking up.
I feel deprived!

The Wandering Pit said...

It´s great that you got to meet up with your sister & family in Spain. Hope you had a great time! I haven´t been to that part of Spain yet!

Gill the Painter said...

Hello Tracey.
I can recommend Tossa de Mar and Llafranc as very romantic destinations.

Some parts are worth the avoidance though.

Gloria said...

A lovely, lovely post and how nice to have a sister to cry over you. Love that!

Tossa de Mar. Must google that 'cos we're always off for the day to discover new places . . although not quite as often as we'd like.

Loving your blog . . glad I found it!

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