6 October 2009


We talk about getting bikes every day or so, but we've got nowhere to store them safely.
Our shed is an idea, but we've got packed boxes in there from 7 years ago.

And our Sunday stroll had us gawping in bicycle shop window bleating "how much....?" at the tri-athlete bike Tony covets.

& as these things come in threes, I've had an idea in my head to paint postmen as they fly off together on their sturdy bicycles to collect their early morning deliveries.
They're quite an impressive sight in a funny kind of way.

So yesterday, I fly off equally set to paint these ideas combined,

more to do to it when it's dryer .....

the painting's just over a metre squared:


Luca said...

Love it Gill! Not many postmen speeding around here nowadays though - they are mostly on strike!

Will check back later!

Gill the Painter said...

Lazy sods just wanting a day off work, eh!

Thank you Luca.
I'm not able to copy a real bike, as I haven't got one. But it doesn't really matter with my style.
2 wheels, and handle bars and you get the idea.

Lush said...

I like your 'draft' Gilly - it makes me smile and feel happy - lots of energy there.... which is more than I can say for the postmen round here who just get dropped off out of a big red van at the top and bottom of the road.

These guys look the business - looking forward to seeing the rest of them!!

Gill the Painter said...

Thanks Lush.
My postman keeps leaving elastic bands at our gate, it really gets on my wick.

That's what pockets are for mate.

Debs @ DKC said...

What a lovely painting Gill. It reminds me of when ET was flying on the bike LOL

Maggie said...

You are so talented Gill! I wish I could paint. Just love it.

Gill the Painter said...

Good morning Margaret and Debs.

I enjoyed painting this one so I'm really chuffed it pleases you
It's pretty much finished & parts of it twinkle if the light is on it - (I mixed some of the paint with stand oil which dries like lacquer)

Anonymous said...

Ay oop! Missed this post and painting - I noticed that you hadn't posted for a wee while! I do like seeing your 'drafts' - I almost like it as-is but very interested to see what you do it. Very dynamic!

Gill the Painter said...

Aye oop, Anon.
Actually this one has been hung at a venue in Cheltenham as it is,
I did about 10 mins more to it, but it hasn't changed much at all.

I may make a theme of bicycles over the coming weeks.

Unknown said...

I like it very much Gill. You must have enjoyed starting the painting. Our postmen walk the street, no bikes at all. 't would be more quaint if there were..

Odette said...

Ay oop! That was me! Howzit coming along?

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