3 November 2009

leftovers and my painting

I've never been very good with leftovers. Indeed we rarely want the same meal twice in a row

but I'm on a mission to keep warm and healthy at the studio, so yesterday's chunky broth, has been given the thai coriander, red sauce & coconut treatment for lunchtime today.

I'll never get the lid on that flask

and my mission today is to decide on a frame for a painting I've taken quite a while over, despite it's simplicity.

It's entitled "death of the comic illustrator" and the narrative is thus ..................

We have the memory of 2 of my sisters in the hospital room looking out of the window, they comfort each other tenderly, and my mother has passed away after years of illness
& I watch unobserved & isolated.

My mother was an illustrator for DC Thompson in Dundee, producers of the Dandy and the Beano and the like.
So I present my feelings in an old fashioned comic snapshot style.

it's taken a while to get it "just so" for me, although the physical painting was rather quick, just an hour.
I wanted it to be like the old unambitious, fudged print on comics, with so few colours, reflecting the memories that are old and recent, that are almost monochrome.

Some things seem so dim & grey on reflection.


Unknown said...

The painting is beautiful Gill and a lovely memory of that moment for you and your sisters. Elisa

Unknown said...

Forgot to say that your Thai soup looks delicious!

Debs @ DKC said...

Like the painting, it's almost as though they will turn around any minute and look at you!

Did you get the lid on the flask? or did you lose most of it? LOL

Luca said...

That's a wonderful picture Gill.

The soup looks great too. I love turning leftovers into a soup for the next day - never to a set recipe.

Gill the Painter said...

The soup was tasty, tomato soup for today.

& this is one of my favourite pictures, I've just framed it.
Now that you mention it Debs, they do look like they will turn around, don't they.

Odette said...

Hi Gill - I remember that painting well. Very strong, poignant.

What did you decide on for a frame?

Soup good.

Anonymous said...

Lovely composition Gill - I love reading what prompts a picture by the artist - context is always enriching take care Joanna

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Odette, I've got it in a black frame - with glass at the moment.
Looks good but is a bit reflecting, I'll change it I think (standard 16 x 20 inch).

Hi Joanna!
Great to see you visiting here, hopefully I'll see you in the week.

LUSH said...

Gilly, what a poignant subject for your painting - profoundly simple and touching, painted with the deep emotion of your memory.

Big Hug.....

Gill the Painter said...

That was a very warm hug, Lushers.

I'm not sure what my sisters make of the painting though!

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