16 November 2009

pear and almond cake

by Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall
If you caught his River Cottage show on Channel 4, the chances are you've got your heart set on cooking up several of his recipes.
This excellent programme has everything I enjoy in a cookery programme.

I don't even like cakes as such, but my eyes were like saucers when he made his pear and almond cake & the recipe is on the internet, so I can blog about it too.

Several tweaks when I do so, coupled with lean baking details - so much so - after 35 mins of cooking at my chosen oven temp @170, it's still pretty raw,
so I decide to bake it for an additional hour as I would a fruit cake (protected on top with greaseproof paper) - and pop out to B & Q to look at doors for our bike shed.

& I come back to a delicious aroma of baked rich pear cake.

So the cooking timings here are 1hr35 @ 170.

Oh, and obviously the sugar goes in at the butter stage to be creamed - they missed that bit out.

My tweaks:
  • no SR flour, so I use plain white, with baking soda
  • the sugar is way too high, so I use 1 thick teasp of honey on the pears after they cook, & 130g muscovado sugar in the cake
it's perfect sweetness too!
  • I never have cinnamon, so I use 1 cardamom pod seeds
Otherwise, I follow the recipe as is, till the baking stage, here it is pre-cooking:

Have a go, you'll love it.


Debs @ DKC said...

Oh yum, I could almost eat the brilliant photo.

Unknown said...

Lovely cake Gill. I think someone I know is going to enjoy this, so I printed out the recipe and shall add your tweaks. Thank you.

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Debs, and hello Elisa.

It really is a good cake. If you try it, keep the sugar down.
I was worried about the butter to flour amounts, but I needn't have.

Hollow Legs said...

I had this saved as a word document for god knows how long, and made it for my Macmillan coffee morning - it went down very well indeed.

Gill the Painter said...

HI Lizzie

Yes, Hugh's recipe is very good isn't it.

Gloria said...

OMG . . my stomach's rumbling and my taste buds are popping with anticipation of this cake this cake that I will make today to take on our trip tomorrow!!!

Have to go to England tomorrow and have left a blog with two short videos that I know you will enjoy!!!

Take care . . and will catch up again with you when I am able;-D xx

Gloria said...

by the way . . great great photo . . looks delish!!!!!!!!

SallyBR said...

Gill, I just found your blog, I am so impressed by your paintings!

Not only you are a great baker, but also an amazing artist!


The Wandering Pit said...

Looks absolutely delish, Gill! Can´t wait to try it out! Happy New Year by the way!

Naomi Knill said...

I love anything with pears and almonds in it and this looks absolutely delicious!

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