31 December 2009

bike cave £35

seems like the answer to all our problems doesn't it
we want new bikes, as hiking isn't ideal this time of year
- but we have nowhere to store them safely.

So for £35 at Amazon you can buy the Bike Cave, delivery next day. Then, all you have to buy is:

  • paint on waterproofing from Millets as it's porous, and drips in damp conditions.
  • tarpaulin covers from a hardware store, as it leaks in the rain.
  • concrete slabs from B&Q, as it will blow away in spite of its pins, it's so lightweight.
  • decking board underneath and top to prevent the soft material damaging and tearing.
  • wall anchor to lock your bikes onto

for an additional £75

Our bikes are hybrid Trek with winter tyres on them at the moment, light enough to carry over to Europe on the train, and practical enough to cycle round town


Unknown said...

Got wheels, will travel!;)
Next thing we'll know is that you are competing in the Tour de France! Ze wheels look lovely. Enjoy them.

Gill the Painter said...

I have got a yellow jersey Elisabeth!

Lush said...

Lol - so funny Grills - priceless!
Sounds like vintage Ikea!

Nice looking bikes tho' - you'll soon be able to crack a walnut or two with those thighs of yours after a few sessions on those.....:-)

Gill the Painter said...

LOL. Lush.
Something to add to my c.v.

Lush said...

Reading this is also making me feel very guilty - my bike (in a very fetching shade of lilac)has been gathering dust in the garage for the last two years - and I swore to use it last summer!

Oh well - maybe this year....

Gill the Painter said...

Dust off the purplemobile, Lush.
Actually, I got a man's bike, as the largest woman's one was too small for me and my arm reach.

Checked in the shop first that I can stand flat footed either side of the gents cross bar.

When I cycled home with my shiny new cycle, I stopped & jumped astride the cross bar, forgetting that you bend your knees to do so.

You only do that once in your life!

Lush said...

Haha - that made my eyes water!

I can't remember what make mine is - it's large tho' cos I'm all arms and legs too - and I added a tring-tring bell to warn the unsuspecting public their life was in imminent danger....(there are thugs cycling on the front who just shout £$%^£!&*^** at you if you're in their way!)

I won't be dusting it off anytime soon tho' - I've got a pot on my left leg after breaking my ankle & tearing knee ligaments before Xmas:-(( - but summer'll be my goal!

Have you managed any cycling in this weather?

Gill the Painter said...

A bicycle bell has so much more class, dont-cha-know.

Sorry to hear about that long leg of yours, that must have hurt like crazy.
I'm told that the trick to a good healing process is to rest your leg as much as you can at first.

If you fight it, you'll end up with problems later on in life, or maybe need an operation (husband uses tri-athlete sites a lot and my sister has previously neglected doctors orders for a torn foot that's still troubling her a year later).

Lush said...

And I was one step away from putting a basket on the front a la Miss Marple too!!

I haven't had any option but to rest it up to be honest Gilly - because the knee damage wouldn't let me move - but I'm not known for my patience - and have a very undomesticated husband, so it's v-e-r-y frustrating (he has taken to long walks at the w/end!)and I have taken to barking orders to the office down the phone - I'm pretty sure they have a new nickname for me now.......

Gill the Painter said...

What nickname would that be?
Knee cap?

I'm beginning to feel real sorry like for Mr Lush.

Odette said...

Owie re:the bike bar, Gill! Did that once myself! But only the once as you say! We had a large man's bike - one of those old black delivery ones with a big basket on the front - at home when I was a teen!

Hi there, Lush - commiserations on the the ankle and knee damage - you have my sympathy as I have done both - dislocated my ankle many moons ago and hyperextended my knee (same leg) a couple of years ago at of all places, the gym. Grrrr. Bad news as it takes ages for the torn ligaments to get back to almost 100%, but they do mend in the end. Take care of your back as well, as those types of injuries make you compensate by using muscles incorrectly. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Lush said...

All that talk of mincing bike parts led me back here Gilly, I get the feeling the last part of my new nickname rhymes with Witch....!

Thanks for your kind thoughts Odette - these injuries are a real pain aren't they( in more than one sense ) since I tore the ligaments in the other knee (ACL included) 3yrs ago and to this day it still causes problems - I was gutted when this happened!
You are so right about the back as well....:-(

Unknown said...

Hi Lush: a word of encouragement for your ailing knee and ankle and sorry for not doing it earlier :)
I hope you'll be back to normal soon. I've been through a number of breaks, torn ligaments etc and they are a real misery and as you get older and forgot about them the darn things come back to haunt you! Tell Mr. Lush that he has to be patient and buy him an apron!

Lush said...

Thanks Elisa......!

I think at this stage, if I suggested a pinny he'd throw someting heavy at my head - which is probably what Gilly will do if I continue hijacking her bike blog :-)
Have those bikes got any mud on them yet.....?

Gill the Painter said...

Hijack away lushpot, it's a pleasure.

I'll have you know my bike has been to Waitrose and back.
Nothing more though yet.

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