7 December 2009

chilli & cheesy straws

making do with what you've got in.

I've run out of eggs, and only have pecorino and lancashire cheese
and soya milk,

that'll do.

100g butter
225g plain flour
1/4 teasp sea salt
either 1/4 teasp baking powder or the yolk of one egg
100g cheeses - gruyere's great if you have it
2 - 3 tablesp soya milk

chilli powder

- process all the ingredients, save the chilli powder, to a wet crumb

- or rub the flour, baking soda, butter together, and stir in the remaining ingredients, save the chilli.

press quickly to form a soft ball, and rest for 15 minutes covered in cling film.
heat the oven to 200
flour your dough well, and roll out to half an inch thick

sprinkle with the chilli powder and slice into sticks
& bake on a teflon mat for 15 minutes .......... then cool them on a rack


Lucinda said...

Looks very tasty Gill. I must make some this Christmas.

Gill the Painter said...

Just the person to thank for the Zulu spice grinder.

It gets used all the time Lucinda.

Lucinda said...

It's a fabulous mix isn't it. I love it.

Cheesy Zulu straws are on the menu for a pre-Christmas drinks we are having.

Emma and Ross said...

I am RUBBISH at pastry but these look quite easy so even I shouldn't muck them up! Might give them a go this weekend.

Zeb said...

Hi Gill, they look very professional. Cheers and..... Have a good Christmas!


Gill the Painter said...

Hi again Emma and Ross
& Zeb.

If you add an egg yolk, they are more biscuit-y.
Without, they are puffy pastry-y.

Have a great Christmas too.

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