23 December 2009

sage and pine nut sauce: for pork

This I make regularly, after I saw Gino d'ACampo make it. I've not had a recipe dud yet from him so am a fan of his food, but how the man eats Italian ice cream with those whitened teeth beats me, he must hit the roof with the sensitivity.

It goes tremendously well with parma ham wrapped chicken, & lifts slow roast pork

Here, it's served with very slow roast juicy pork in cider, and the apple tang comes through nicely, in spite of the power of the sage

ingredients for the sauce

100g pine nuts
2 good handfuls of fresh sage, chopped
a glass dry white wine
double cream

gently toast the pine nuts in a pan

add the wine and the sage, and reduce by half
cool, blitz

then warm through when needed

and add double cream

serve with pork and oven potatoes


Lucinda said...

That looks delicious Gill and I shall have to bear it in mind when my sage bush grows back in the spring.

Odette said...

That looks wonderful - I bet it would be fabulous with pasta, too. Do you suppose that dried sage might work? I do love sage. Gaynor once gave a recipe that used very briefly deep fried/crispy sage leaves. There's something very exciting yet comforting about cooking with decent amounts of sage, I find.

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Lucinda and Odette.
Dried should work well too, although it's stronger flavoured.

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